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Explore Israel to its depths, physically & spiritually...

If you wish to discover all that Israel has to offer we can prepare a package for you that includes full days of touring with a private tour guide. We will take care of every single detail to make this a perfect trip. We will accompany you offering direct and personal service . Our itineraries are customized and individually created in full consultation with our clients down to the last detail to meet your goals and desires.  We will reserve  hotels according to your needs and budget, drive you in one of our luxury tourist vehicles and provide an experience of a lifetime.

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Israel - Coming Back home

Ancient and new, Judaism Christianity and Islam, geopolitics, culinary adventures, archeology, Jeep rides and many othre attractions will get your adrenalin flowing. You will learn the stories of the land and meet with the people of Israel. The birth of the State in Tel Aviv will set the story in motion. The ancient ruins of Caesarea, the modern development of the kibbutz, incredible stories of heroism and beautiful nature reserves along the slopes of the Golan will both blur and focus, to create an amazing mosaic. . The alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem, star-gazing in the Desert, floating in the Dead Sea, hiking in the David Waterfall , you will experience the wonder which is the Land of Israel.


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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Israel Tour 


A Bar/Bat Mitzvah Israel tour should be more than a family vacation. It should combine adventure, challenges, sights and sounds that will not only will bond the family, but will be something to share for years to come. Let me plan this unique experience. From rafting down the Jordan River, to reading the Parasha next to the Western Wall in Jerusalem to Scuba diving together with dolphins in the Red Sea. These are experiences that memories are made from.


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Following in the footsteps of Jesus - The Pilgrims road

Going to the Holy Land and walking in the steps of the Lord is a one-time experience never to be forgotten. This excursion will connect us with the Old Testament through to the New Testament and to Israel of today. We will follow the footsteps of Christ: from where it all began in Bethlehem, through Nazareth and His ministry in Galilee up to the fateful week in Jerusalem to the Period of Revelation. Along the way we will feel the true Israel and visit the main sites of the land.


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