My name is Sagi Haim Levy. My middle name  is the Hebrew word for life, it reflects who I am and what I love. I am living with my wife and 3 children in a kibbutz in Upper Galilee surrounded by a magnificent landscape. 

Born and raised in Israel, as a child, Influenced by nature and its powers, I've traveled every corner of this country and have turned every stone of this land. During trips around the world I exposed myself to new landscapes, cultures and ideas. More than anything I realized that I want to learn more about my own country, culture, religion and where It came from and pass on this knowledge. Today I am an official tour guide and educator in Israel and overseas.
I graduated  from the University of Haifa  with a B. A. degree in  Land of Israel Studies and Geography. In addition I graduated from the Academy of Tourism and received my tour guide license from that institution.  I have 5 years of practical experience as a tour guide in Israel. 


I have experience guiding Jewish Reform and Conservative Temple groups, Birthright, Christian and Interfaith, multi generational families, young adults and adults. Questions and dialogue are central to your journey through Israel. I like to use original music and texts as tools to grasp the emotions, opinions and expressions of people, in order to inspire and connect, understand and empathize with our ancestors and predecessors - to connect the past to the present.

Growing up in the Lower Galilee, I have built a close relationship with the Sea of Galilee and surrounding area, in particular the birth of the visionary movement that laid the foundations for the State of Israel as we know it today.