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Meet Sagi   

Sagi was born and raised in Israel, as a child, influenced by nature and its powers, he traveled every corner of this country and have turned every stone of this land. During trips around the world, he exposed himself to new landscapes, cultures and ideas. More than anything he realized that he wants to learn more about his own country, culture, religion and where It came from and pass on this knowledge. Today he is an official tour guide and educator in Israel and founder of Levy Israel tours.

Questions and dialogue are central to your journey through Israel. Sagi like to use original music and texts as tools to grasp the emotions, opinions and expressions of people, in order to inspire and connect, understand and empathize with our ancestors and predecessors - to connect the past to the present.


Sagi Levy tour guide

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness”

we listen to your dreams and create your journey

Popular tours


Jerusalem old city

Jerusalem, a city of gold, faith, and spirituality. Visitors can delve into its depths and understand the meaning and complexity of this holy city.



Tel Aviv, never ceases to amaze with its human, culinary and cultural diversity. All the style mixes with the fascinating history and being one of the world's high-tech and entrepreneurial capitals



The Golan, a rich region that connects landscapes, people and cultures. There is a special charm in the golan that has always attracted me to it. It's fascinating geopolitics have made the Golan a major destination in Israel

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Sagi Levy tour guide


We are story tellers and experience makers. Our tour guides are dedicated to creating eye-opening journeys throughout Israel. We unfold authentic Israel - you will experience our country as if your were a local

Customized Itineraies

Our itineraries are customized and individually created in full consultation with our clients to meet their dreams and desires.  



We will accompany you offering direct and personal service from the first Email, while in Israel and till the moment you arrive home safely.


Good vibrations

We love to live, we believe that life is a journey. At any given moment during the trip we find the miracle that happens around us. For us every trip is a journey that connects body and mind

Winery tours

We create moments

remembered for a Lifetime

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