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I want to really see Israel, to feel it and understand some part of it...


It seems you want to know Israel a bit better. On a three-day trip you can really have a meaningful and perception-changing experience. We invite you to take a real step through the door of Israel. We will tailor your trip according to your needs and requests. Come see three of the most popular trips.


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The magic of the Galilee 

Discover the Biblical Galilee, feel God’s presence on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the majestic view from the Golan Heights , Israel’s mountainous northern region! On this three-day tour we will start in the crusader town of Acre (Akko), will continue to the worldwide Kabalah center, the town of Safed.  We will visit the ruins of the important cities of the second temple and swim in hot natural spa springs on Hamat Gader. We will kayak in the Jorden River and Tour the stunning nature reserves of the Hula valley. 



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Footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land


Pilgrims frequently describe their pilgrimage to the Holy Land as a life-changing experience.

We offer a golden opportunity to discover The Onset of Christianity on 3 days tour. Walk the real Way of the Cross!  Sail the Sea of Galilee! Touch the Jordan waters!  Immerse yourself in the Gospels, visiting sites like the Annunciation in Nazareth, the Nativity in Bethlehem, the Last Supper Room, Calvary and the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem!


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Abraham's hometown to the center of the world

From Abraham's hometown to the Temple mount. In our desert journey w'll visit the magnificent Nabatean cities in the desert, we will ride on camels and jeeps. We will Stay in a real Bedouin tent. we will meet some of the worlds most famous and fascinating sites that combine historical and archaeological interests with pure fun and the rare beauty of the Judea dessert and the Negev.

we will drive way down through outstanding monasteries carved on a cliff to the lowest place on earth, The Dead Sea, and from there we will continue through breath-taking scenery to Masada, the ancient palace of Herod the great which became the last strong-hold of the Jews in their tragic and epic struggle against the Roman Empire.

Then we will drive up to the Mount of Olives, where we will enjoy the best view of Jerusalem And tour the old city of Jerusalem.


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